The Igloo Chronicles by Grayson West

Beard Off 2010/2011

In a time where men’s facial hair has made a triumphant fashionable return, five young men decided to take the game up a notch and see who could look so abysmal, so horrid, and so ugly that they would make people turn their heads— for all the wrong reasons. At the start of November 2010, these five young men decided to take matters into their own hands hoping they can provide a bit of motivation and influence to an outside world so consumed with proper and trite ways. As the weeks began to pass, the beards grew into what looked like seemingly unending hell. Once the first fly fell, though, the pressure began to mount. The beards began to itch and grow inward. The hair, curly, began to move past the upper lip. It was a time that many couldn’t believe, but so many wondered how.

This is Beardoff 2010. This is where it all happened. This is the stories they will tell.

Left to Right: Pat H, Grayson W, Matt G, Doug G, and Chris K.

Week one.

Week two.

Week three.

Week four.

Week five.

Week six.

Week seven.

Week eight. Pat is the first man out!

Week nine. Grayson second man out!

Week ten.

Week eleven.  Chris third man out!

Week twelve.

Week thirteen. Matt out!  Doug, WINNING………..

Week fourteen.


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  1. Kelley says:

    So glad you documented this special occassion. Great portraits!

  2. David Ryder says:

    This is hilarious! Wish I was competing.

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