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Gold and Silver

Here are a couple images of 2010 Winter Olympics gold medalist Billy Demong and silver medalist Brett Camerota.

Billy Demong,  2010 Winter Olympics gold medalist in the Nordic Combined and Closing Ceremony flag-bearer, takes a victory lap at White Pine Touring center in Park City, UT Demong’s childhood coach, Bill Brooker, center, and Tom Stoltmman join the Park City resident on the home snow the day after the Vancouver winter games ended.

Brett Camerota at the  Alf Engen Museum in Park City, UT.

Brett Camerota, Park City native and member of silver-medal-winning nordic combined team met with Park City Nordic Ski Club Tuesday afternoon at the Utah Olympic Park.  Camerota talked about his experience growing up in Park City and his achievements at the Olympics. The Park City Nordic Ski Club has over 100 members training in cross country, nordic combine and special jumping regimens.

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Huntsman Cup at ParK City Mountain Resort

Teague Cowley rounds a gate during his second run of the giant slalom during the Huntsman Cup at Park City Mountain Resort.

Adaptive ski racers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Japan and New Zealand participating in the 2010 Huntsman Cup ski races at Park City Mountain Resort  last week.   The races hosted by the National Ability Center, vied skiers of all abilities against each other preparing for the Paralympic Winter Games will get started the second weekend in March.

Kirk Schornstein.

Ian Jansing.

Gerald Hayden.

Stephani Victor, left, talks to Teague Cowley, right,  completion of the Giant Slalom of the Huntsman Cup at Park City Mountain Resort.

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2010 U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix PCMR

Congratulations to Shaun White for his gold medal performance, successfully defending his 2006 Men’s Halfpipe gold medal.  White is a machine, and has greatly helped the snowboard and snow industry with his progression and overall great attitude.

Here are some images from the 2010 U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix at Park City Mountain Resort.  The Grand Prix made three stops this season, with the Olympic team named after the final competition in Park City the venue of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

2002 Olympic Halfpipe bronze medalist JJ Thomas gets inverted during his first run of the US Snowboarding Grand Prix.

Scotty Lago, 2010 Winter Olympics bronze medal winner.

Elias Teeter.

Shaun White.

Steve Fisher.

Park City Mountain Resort’s Eagle Superpipe under the lights before the last Grand Prix of the winter season.

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2010 Visa Freestyle International FIS World Cup Moguls

Attended the 2010 Visa Freestyle International FIS World Cup Moguls event at Deer Valley in Park City.  Winter events are so hard to photograph, you have to deal with the usual cold weather and difficult photo positions.  Made some nice images of the competition, but I really like my crash images.

Alexandre Bilodeau of Canada.

Andrey Sokolov of Kazakhstan.

Nate Roberts of USA.

Mathieu Navillod of France.

Bryon Wilson of USA.

Maxime Gingras of Cananda.

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Park City Curling


Curling is a team game with similarities to bowl or shuffleboard, played by two teams of four players each on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice. Teams take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones down the ice towards the target (called the house). Two sweepers with brooms accompany each rock and use timing equipment and their best judgment, along with direction from their teammates, to help direct the stones to their resting place. The complex nature of stone placement and shot selection has led some to refer to curling as “chess on ice.”

Curling 2

It been awhile since I’ve been on the ice photographing curling.  I was fortunate enough to be the official curling photographer for Salt Lake Tribune during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Curling is the only Olympic game that allows athletes to consume alcoholic beverages during matches.

Curling 3

curl 4

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FIBT Skeleton World Cup Utah Olympic Park

Oh the joy of Winter sports!  I spent Friday morning at the coldest place in Utah the Olympic Park in Park City photographing the first event of the FIBT Skeleton World Cup 2009-2010 season.  I dread photographing any event at the UOP.  The weather is always hard to deal with, and all the events consist of humans flying down a track at extremely high speeds.   It’s exciting to watch, but difficult to photograph thanks to the awful photo positions along the track!Skeleton K.Koshi ic

Japan’s Kazuhiro Koshi prepares for his first run of the FIBT Skeleton World Cup at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City.

Skeleton is a winter sport similar to lugeing in which a small sled is ridden downhill in a headfirst, prone position. The sport of skeleton sledding developed in the 1880s on the famed Cresta Run at Saint Moritz, Switz. The “bony” look of the early sleds gave the sport its name. Riders attain speeds of more than 80 miles (129 km) per hour. It was first contested at the Winter Olympic games in 1928.


Latvia’s Martins Dukurs during his first run of the FIBT Skeleton World Cup Thursday morning at the Utah Olympic Park.  Martins Dukurs took the Gold medal with a combined time of 1:39.75.

Skeleton P.Oswald

Switzerland’s Pascal Oswald.

Skeleton G.Staehli

Switzerland’s Gregor Staehli watches the competition on a small television at the finish house at the Utah Olympic Park during the second run.

Skeleton A.Tretiakov

Russia’s Alexander Tretiakov.

Skeleton finish

Finish house.

Skeleton J.Daly

USA’s John Daly begins to slow down after crossing the finish line during his second run of competition.

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